Registered Name



  Nickname   Windy
  RMHA #   1999005692
  Date of Birth   1998
  Sex   Mare
  Sire   Brian's Carlos (Out of Buddy Roe)
  Dam            Nadia             (Out of Dock)
  Height   14.2
  Body Color   Dark Chocolate
  Mane & Tail Color   Light Flaxen
  Eye Status   Clear
    Price   Not for Sale

A 5yo chocolate with flaxen mane and white tail.  14.2 hands tall. 

Sire Dam Pedigree  
Brian's Carlos

(Out of Buddy Roe)


(Out of Dock)

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Buddy Roe

Choco Dock


October 2009

May 2004

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April  2004 (Her birthday)

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April  2003 (Her birthday)

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October  2002

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August 2002


See Wendy Run (click here)


Whirlwind w/ previous owner Tommy Smyth in Clay City, KY.

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Our 1st Day with Whirlwind (our 4 year old mare) April 2002

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Initial Photos of Whirlwind

Whirlwind4.JPG (80738 bytes) Whirlwind2.JPG (114975 bytes) Whirlwind1.JPG (72809 bytes)


Some short video of Whirlwind's 1st Day

Amy on board (574kb)

Paige on board (381kb)

Paige again - can't get her off (700kb)


Our 2nd Day with Whirlwind

(Click to enlarge the images)

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